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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville Drunk Wedding

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress Brandi Glanville recently announced on twitter that on New year eve she got married fo 2nd time with her best friend Darin Harvey after a drunk night in Los Angeles. Brandi Glanville recently shocked her all twitter followers when she announced her sudden marriage news

On 1st January she at sudden tweeted that she is getting married and on very next day she tweeted that she is having dinner with husband. She also told while talking with the E! News, “We went through the motions but we’re not legally marrie.”

She further revealed, “I kind of was just calling his bluff because I’m a little nutty!” Both were drunk whether next morning when Darin Harvey wasn’t remember any commitments which he made the last night. While earlier Brandi Glanville wrote on her Twitter account, “Getting married @darinharvey !!! Don’t worry I think we can get it annauld! [sic] If not I will take the ferrari! Luvu :)

She also make it clear that it was just a fun with her fans but her marriage was not legally. She at the end said she never thought that this would go such far. “Did we really do it,” he wrote to Glanville. “Remember Elvis then blacked out. Did I have you sign anything?”


Miyazaki Aoi And Takaoka Sosuke Divorce

Japanese actress Miyazaki Aoi who is best known for her pure image and roles such as in Nana and Virgin Snow, has decided to changer her status from “married” to “complicated”.

This is the latest news update that Miyazaki Aoi and 29-years old her husband actor Takaoka Sousuke are officially divorced now. According to the local media sources, “Children of the Dark” actress Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Sosuke have registered their official divorce last week.

Japanese actor Takaoka has already confired that divorce papers are sent to the Galaxy Individual Award winner actress and he expected the divorce to become official before the end of the year.

The TokyoHive also claimed that they will not talk about shocking divorce in the media during a ress conference or any interview. It is also wrote by the source, “For now, please watch over calmly the future of each of us who will go on separate paths.”

Miyazaki Aoi married Sosuke Takaoka on June 15, 2007, her partner since she was fifteen. The marrige between Aoi Miyazaki and husband Sousuke Takaoka was facing some presonal issues which caused of divorce. They were living seperate already since Takaoka returned to Japan in August.

And then they filed for divorce on 28 of December, 2011. A large number of fans are reacting on this divorce between Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Sosuke. A web user via JapanToday said while reacting on this shocking news of the divorce of Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Sosuke, “They divorced because he is against Korean drama? If only for this, this is ridiculous.”…